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Images from my 2004 trip to the Majé Panama Province, Panama

During this trip I was sponsored by a Smithsonian Institution Postdoctoral Molecular Evolution Fellowship, and hosted by the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute.

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Most recent update: September 6th, 2008.

Photo of us crossing the Lago Bayano.

Crossing the Lago Bayano. — Our trip started with a crossing of the Lago Bayano in eastern Panama Province. The three guys in the center of this lancha (cayuco?) are (left to right) myself, Steve Poe, and Iñaki Ruíz Osaba, owner and operator of the Burbayar Lodge. Photo by Ian Wang?

Photo of 4 kids from Majé.

The kids of Majé. — The first night of our trip we spent in the little village of Majé. Here's a shot of some of the cute kids that live there. Photo by Gisela Reina?

Photo of everyone who went on the trip, plus some people from the village of Majé.

Craugastor raniformis — In Panama this species is only found east of the Panama Canal. Its advertisement call sounds quite a bit like a little sheep. This photo shows a male perched at about 1 meter high. Note the large tympanum. Photo by Ian Wang.

Photo of Pristimantis (Eleutherodactylus) diastema calling.

Diasporus (Eleutherodactylus) diastema — Photograph of calling male, by Ian Wang.

Photo of Hypsiboas boans in the hand.

Hypsiboas boans — This was my first encounter with H. boans, a monster of a hylid frog. I've since seen this frog in various parts of South America. We found two individuals, but did not hear any calling. The photographed individual can now be found in the Museo de los Vertebrados de la Universidad de Panamá, number MVUP 1897. Photo by Ian Wang?

Photo of everyone who went on the trip, plus some people from the village of Majé.

The entire field crüe!. — I'm writing this webpage without my field notes, so I cannot name everyone, but I can mention that from left to right, standing, we have first the mayor of Majé and his wife, both of whom went with us up the Río Majé to our camp on lower Río Urtí. In red is Gisela Reina, our fresh water fish expert from the Bermingham Lab. Next, I don't remember his name. Then Iñaki, then I forget this French fellow's name, he studies fig wasps. Then in the brown coveralls is Rhett Harrison, another fig wasp expert. Then I forget these two guys' names. Finally, we have Drude Molbo, our 3rd fig wasp expert. Kneeling from left to right we have Ian Wang, our young padwan of tropical herpetology. Then in blue another field assistant whose name I forgot. Then myself. Then Steve Poe with 3 kids and two more able field assistants whose names of course I also can't remember without my notes. Photo taken by ? in the village of Majé.

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