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My Fieldwork: Images by Andrew J. Crawford and many others.

One randomly selected picture of Andrew in the field.

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Photos from Cana,
Darién National Park, Provincia de Darién, República de Panamá. GPS: -77.68412, 7.7561, elevation 525 m.

Cana is a field station in eastern Panama just a few miles from the Colombian border, run by ANCON Expeditions. This trip was funded by a grant from the Committee for Research and Exploration of the National Geographic Society.

Photos from Puerto Piña
Provincia de Darién, República de Panamá. GPS: -078.1858 07.6333, elevation 85 m.

I went here with a team of biologists from the Bermingham Lab at STRI. We spent a week in May, 2003, living in tents and hammocks by the Río Piña. Our trip was organized by Andrew and Beth Coates and sponsored by the Tropic Star Lodge, where we were treated to a final night's rest in high style.

Photos from Río Urtí
Western Serranía de Majé, Provincia de Panamá, República de Panamá. GPS: -078.74873 09.00343, elevation 130 m.

We spent about 5 days at this site at the end of October, 2004. We had a fig wasp team, a fish team, and a herpetology team with special guests Ian Wang and Steve Poe. Logistics were all managed by the incomparable Iñaki Osaba of the Burbayar Lodge.

Photos from Estación Biológica El Amargal
Corregimiento Arusí, Municipio de Nuquí, Departamento de Chocó, Colombia. GPS: -077.5026 05.5705, elevation 25 m.

For more information on El Amargal in beautiful Chocó, please see the El Amargal page on the website of the Fundación Inguedé. I spent 10 days in la costa chocoana, invited along with the Herpetology class of Adolfo Amézquita of the Universidad de los Andes.

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